Can EndeavourOS access NTFS on live boot?

Hi guys,
Later this afternoon, I need to life boot a friends laptop in order to grab some files off of the W10 device. Can EOS access NTFS or will I need to install something (I might not have internet)?
As always, THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to access the drive without installing ntfs-3g (does it ship with EnOS?) but worst case scenario you’d need to install it, which you can do with yay -S ntfs-3g in the live environment.

Thank you Celty,
if I can install ntfs-3d without updating then I might be able to connect to my cell phone’s hotspot and fetch it. In a few hours I’ll know more.

ntfs-3g is installed on the Live-ISO per default (and on all EOS installations)


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