Came to visit the lounge, it's been a while

Hello there folks,
Glad to spend some time here, my new job keeps me busy.
But the EOS is always on my mind, so today woke up early, got a cup of my favourite coffee, made a translation, made a little donation and felt awesome.
A place where to belong, a place to contribute and receive awesome tips.
Cheers guys,
Best regards


Today I dug out an Antergos DVD from a pile.
Got me thinking:
It’s in our hands to support out favourite projects and donate.
If we don’t learn the history, we will never have a better future.
So, please donate whatever you can afford, our freedom is worth it.


That makes a lot of sense :enos:


Personally, I sorta pro-rate my ‘entertainment’ budget according to the hours of enjoyment it gives me - after all I pay for having TV available. Certainly have spent some hours here (especially with lockdowns and slowdowns!).

Better value here!