Call me crazy... but

I kinda like Edge as a browser…

(gives way for the flames)

I’m not crazy concerned with privacy since there is always a way for anyone to get info, so whatever. Flame away! LOLs


Yeah, I’m sure you also do not lock your car or house, because every lock can be picked. :roll_eyes:


Actually, I like it as well. Are you running the -dev or -beta version?

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I also like it because it’s basically chrome from Microsoft.

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I actually DO use it on my KDE Neon install since Chromium no longer exists for Ubuntu. I’m using beta and as of last time I actually checked, I find that functionality it’s inferior to Chromium (I can’t get Netflix, tubi tv, or pluto tv to work in it while they did work in Chromium), but functionally it’s superior. I actually LIKE some of the usability changes Microsoft made. I actually do ENJOY using it more than Chromium. Not as much as Firefox still, but if it weren’t made by Microsoft, this would DEFINITELY be my choice as my backup browser.

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I think your sarcasm missed the point. Yeah, I lock my cars, door, etc.
Cheers homie.

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Netflix is the only one that’s given me problems by claiming that Edge on Linux is an unsupported browser. I ended up installing a User Agent spoofing extension and telling Netflix that it is acutally a recent version of Firefox on Linux. No problems with watching anything.

I hope that Netflix will consider it a supported browser when Microsoft finally releases a “release” version.

Okay i think that’s crazy talk! Edge? :scream: No …notta…never! I’d rather do Chrome! :rofl: That’s just plain wrong! :fire: :hole: :walking_man:


LOL I get ya stance. But, I never could get down with Firefox. Might give Vivaldi a go, I like the minimal UI options…

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I don’t get why people on linux would choose chrome or edge, aren’t both proprietary software?

I guess it is personal preference but mozilla firefox has always worked perfectly for me.

Would be interesting to know why edge, besides the look and theming, any specific features?

Chromium, not Chrome. :wink:

And you too the OP. You’re crazy. No other way to put it. It won’t be on anything I use any time soon.

I don’t even use it on Windows lol


I only use Firefox … no other browser even comes close!


Ahh, isnt chromiun the blue one and google chrome the yellow-red symbol one. I thought there is a way to install chrome too.

I need to use it more to be honest.
Regarding proprietary vs. open… I’m not hung up on “open is the only way / true linux hardcore bruh” kind of vibe. I admire those who have a solid basis for their choices on either side of the fence.

From the AUR. Sure you can! If you want to.

For sure, but if its open source I know it is likely in the pacman repo and I can just sudo pacman -S it!

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How so? Mind you, I just use browsers to get to work related stuff… vSphere, SolarWinds, PRTG, etc. Thats why Linux appeals to me. My job is web based, I can use whatever OS I want.

You don’t.

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It’s not even that. It’s just Firefox is better. :fox_face: