Calamares mkinitcpio complains about no presets but there actually is

I built custom ISO for Macs. (sources: It was hard because of EOS workarounds all over places. Anyways, got ISO booting with necessary kernel & drivers, now mkinitcpio complains about no presets when there is actually one!

Also log here:

I’m your screenshot you are looking at the presets on the host, not the installed system.

You are cd’ing into the proper directory but then you are using an absolute path to ls. In other words from there you should be doing ls etc/mkinitcpio.d


Yeah there are no presets on the installed system. I don’t know why this happens since Calamares properly installs Linux kernel and the Calamares script EOS uses is super messy. Damn, even the EOS ISO wasn’t that messy!

Which script are you referring to?

Just EOS’s custom calamares scripts in general. Workarounds aren’t fun to work with. I’m having a hard time finding what deletes/not installs those files.

Those preset files are generated by a hook. Specifically, 90-mkinitcpio-install.hook. Are you doing anything to inhibit that hook from running? If not, look through the output and see if it is failing.

Ah, now I might know what causes this. Seems like EOS script moves that hook away when installing for some reason. Gonna remove that script that try again.

Modified the part where it touches pacman hook folder. Works magically after this.

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