Caffeine on Gnome 42 running xorg

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The problem I have with Caffeine is you have to click on it to see what it’s status is. And it has no indicator to show its current state.


Is there another extension I should try?

Give Espresso a try!

Edit: I just tested Caffeine extension. The top bar icon does change to a hot boiling cup of coffee with smoke when it’s on, and when it’s off the top panel icon does change to just a plain cup with no heat emitting from it. You should be seeing that too, if not perhaps it’s your icon theme

when it’s off:
Screenshot from 2022-06-18 18-51-10
when it’s on:
Screenshot from 2022-06-18 18-51-27


Thanks Scotty. I just disabled and reenabled it and the little icon is changing again.

It’s all good, and since installing Gnome 42, it’s met and even exceeded my expectations.


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