Bye, EndeavourOS

Hi there,

sorry guys, I’m leaving.

I had very high hopes that EndeavourOS would be the right distro to try out arch, since I made some very promising tests in a VBox VM earlier before going bare metal.

Now running on real hardware, I came across some issues that I couldn’t resolve even with a decent amount of trying:

  • cheese hangs up on a first photo screen and won’t let me take video recordings
  • even with firewall disabled, vlc won’t play streams from my STB et9000 over my LAN
  • kaffeine won’t play DVB-S/S2 TV
  • could not get playonlinux to work reliably

However, some praise:

  • very beautiful installer, did a very nice job even in a multiboot environment
  • CUPS installed fine and found my network printer w/o any issues

I admit that fiddling with two different installers (pacman and yay) is not really my cup of tea neither, but that’s probably a question of getting used to another kind of philosophy.

And many thanks for your help on my two posts today, folks.

Let me have a break with EndeavourOS, I may come back some time later.