Buying old vs new car

All I’m saying is it’s not a continually renewable source of power as compared to say wind or solar

It’s the same. If we have no tide, do we have the sun or weather anymore? All 3 are the same to me.

We can def have sun shining on this planet without the moon though extreme temps are likely to create inhabitable zones of cold and hot where life would arguable be not possible as the tides circulate the suns warmth making many places a lot warmer than they would otherwise be.

Ok. Well, I’m not overly interested in arguing semantics over likely Armageddon type scenarios.

For the predictable foreseeable future, they are all the same. Wind being the least predictable of them with nihilism climate change.

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someone is arguing? weird i didnt see that this was an argument

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I’d really like to agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong, and I can’t have that. I’m not interested in being dragged down to your level and beat me with experience. Find another thread to troll, we’re interested in talking about car stuff.

From Miriam Webster, you would fall under 1b or 2b, whichever one makes you feel better.

ar·​gu·​ment | \ ˈär-gyə-mənt


Definition of argument

1a : the act or process of arguing, reasoning, or discussing : argumentation

b : a coherent series of reasons, statements, or facts intended to support or establish a point of view a defense attorney’s closing argument

c : an angry quarrel or disagreement having an argument over/about money trying to settle an argument

2a : a reason given for or against a matter under discussion They presented their arguments in favor of the proposal.

b : a form of rhetorical expression intended to convince or persuade

3 : an abstract (see abstract entry 2 sense 1) or summary especially of a literary work

4 : the subject matter especially of a literary work

5a mathematics : one of the independent variables upon whose value that of a function depends

b grammar : a substantive (such as the direct object of a transitive verb) that is required by a predicate in grammar

c mathematics : amplitude sense 4

6 obsolete : an outward sign : indication

Funny - it may have been an argument by strict interpretation of the semantic meaning - but all I saw was someone having fun with irrelevant scenarios… at least irrelevant to us and our choices! I sincerely hope we’re diversified to more planets than this one by then - we’ll need them, having worn out this one!


The newest car I’ve ever owned was a Mercedes W123 230E from 1986 or so. Right now I’m having a Frankensteined 1968 Ford Transit. Restomodding it into a camper.


I honestly think you’re dragging your own self down that rabbit hole by arguing with yourself.

Have a wonderful day (or not).

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Blimey - Perhaps @LizziAS and @fbodymechanic can calm down and give us all a Sunday rest…

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I am calm. I’m a 7th day sabbath keeper as welll. I keep a biblical sabbath as prescribed by God in the Bible. Truly I had plainly said my goodbye to the thread before I was tagged to return to it.

And now we’re into religion too. . . You’ve said goodbye in entirety before and didn’t adhere to that either:

I’ll stay away however long y’all want. I have other things to do beyond getting banned from one forum after another.

That’s the newest? Holy hell, that’s impressive!

I love the camper vans. Any photos of the build? My dad used to do the camper thing back in the 70s when it was big. I think that’s awesome!

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No, the Transit is the oldest car we ever owned, built in 68. I’m in the process of restomodding it, wich goes rather slow since we’re not really swimming in the much-needed moolah.
And it looks better than it actually is. The panelbeater/spraypainterdid a lousy job and scammed me. I’m in the process of suing him. :rage:

“camper thing back in the 70s when it was big.”
In Europe it never stopped being big (better work/life balance) and is now bigger than ever, with so many pensioners and youngsters on the road. In America it’s the same, a whole subculture. Didn’t you watch the Oscar-winning movie?

Old!!! New ones are full of meaningless faults and engineered obsolescence.

Na, but I could! I’m terrible with movies. I don’t actually have a work/life balance. I only work, and the rest of the time I spend with my wife and dog hiking or at the beach - which isn’t much honestly. I had two vacations since I moved to California 7 years ago.

No one here is trying to get you banned as far as I can tell. Unless you are.

No I’m getting the last word in.

You’ve now left this thread more than once, even citing the Sabbath. Don’t make yourself a liar on such a day, God doesn’t approve.

If you don’t have anything car related to add, maybe find another thread as you promised.

Okay @fbodymechanic Is this really necessary? Let’s just cool it down please.


Topic has been closed because it was going off the rails and off Topic!