Button Events Handling: Lid settings gone

I have noticed of late that my system refuses to go to sleep when I close the lid of the laptop (Asus Rog Strix G531GT).
Sure enough, the setting has disappeared in the Plasma settings:
I am on KDE-Unstable repo.
Has anyone else seen this issue?

Ok, I see they have:

So let’s track it here…

Bug submitted:

It’s not just

and fixed with upower (0.99.16-1 -> 0.99.16-2), is it?

Nope. Different and new. As per screenshot; setting is missing.

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Weird. It’s back after complete shutdown.

Could be that KDE was detecting the available functionality exposed by upower, and the upower update reinstated the “lid close” function so it was detected on a reboot.


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