Bugman is back, some feedback on august 2nd github based ISO :)


Another week passed, and here are some bug reports.

  1. Partition manager button is not working on live ISO. I had to launch partition manager from a terminal to get it.
  1. Terminal is far too big. I saw its setup is 95x34 instead of 80x24. Ouch!

  2. Last bug: icon menu is missing on installed system. Ouch !

missing icon in Endeavour Menu

That’s all for today, folks! :smiley:


The terminal is just to taste.
I was pleasantly surprised EndeavourOS has such a big one; My usual size is 120 x 28.

My terminal doesn’t recall size settings after closing and re-opening.

What terminal? Xfce4?

Correct. For a while it was crashing when I resized it too


Question, did the steps found here work, or did you have to make changes?

Perhaps I’m damned and Manjaro won’t ever leave my machine, here’s the scoop:

  • reflector and both viritualbox-* packages missing.
    • Commented all 3.
  • Near the end:
==> ERROR: specified kernel image does not exist: `/boot/vmlinuz-linux'

EOS mirrors are present.

I build github ISO in a virtualbox vm. In this vm, I installed endeavourOS. So I can have a working environment to build a new ISO.


Thanks for the tip!

Manjaro deviates too much from Arch. Not even the mirrors are respected, what a headache.

do you choose xfce4 from packages menu inside calamares?

I’ve done an offline installation.

The problem using manjaro as system to build an arch-based distro is that some (or most) of the core packages are renamed, since manjaro compile and pack with their own specifications and use different names. This require you to adapt the necessary names at packages_x86_64 file

This error you got seems to be cause by a different kernel name on manjaro (or even the way the iso is set to boot); AFAIK manjaro uses grub to boot the iso, while arch uses syslinux.

So using a VM as @FredBezies said is a good alternative, or having a fake system root inside your manjaro system (VM is easier and has the live environment to play with OOTB, so it’s better)


hello ,bug of the icon of our distribution

to repair: it is necessary to make a right click on the icon and to go on propiètes
and it’s good

Thanks for testing latest ISO build!

caused by the issue with fonts for terminal and mousepad + to get asian fonts working configs are not working completely at the moment… also due to changes inside installer to get network install working there are some major changes at the moment we are working on, we do setup configs for livesession with this:

But very nice to see our ISO is booting fine and is stable as we do like it :wink:

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it is in uefi more

August 4th, 2019 github based ISO feedback:

  1. install dialog “quit” button is labelled gtk-quit, not only quit.
gtk-quit or quit?

  1. Xfce terminal transparency is going to far in live ISO. 100% is not readable. 80% one is far better.

  2. Logo is still MIA in EndeavourOS menu, whiskermenu-5.rc needs some tweaking.

In installed version it is:

button-icon=/usr/share/endeavouros/EndeavourOS-E-icon.png instead of /usr/share/endeavouros/EndeavourOS-icon-E.png

Fix proposed: https://github.com/endeavouros-team/archiso-offlineinstaller/pull/15

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


This was due to yad update, maybe @manuel know if “gtk” can be removed or can 't be changed in this new yad version.

What’s MIA?


Missing in action.


AFAIK, yad is now fully gtk3 based, no more gtk2 based. At the same time the buttons were changed.
More info at https://github.com/v1cont/yad

It seems to me the file name should still be EndeavourOS-E-icon.png. Since is EndeaouvourOS wih “E” inside the icon.