Bugged out sleep mode, network adapter, hardware virtualization

  1. When I put PC into sleep mode, there is always black screen after wake up. PC does not respond, and the only way to turn it off is hard shutdown using the power button. However, when PC went to sleep by itself, it used to wake up without any problem, except sometimes it took longer than usual to establish an internet connection after wake up. Recently, I started to get another problem:
  2. When PC is waked up after it has gone into sleep mode by itself, it hangs on establishing internet connection. There is animated (looping) network icon on the control panel. It can go on like this for hours without establishing internet connection. When I click on this looping icon PC hangs. When I try to shutdown the PC it takes it half an hour of running various process like “Stop job is running for…”. Then it hangs on “kvm exiting hardware virtualization”. The only way to shutdown the PC from this point is to use power button.
  3. If instead of shutting down in 2) one reboots the PC, then it reboots after half an hour and it is able to establish internet connection.

I know my network adapter is very buggy. I installed one dkms module to get it working. It stopped working after several months. Then I installed a new dkms module and the problem described in 2) started after that.

Questions. A) How likely is getting a new network adapter (hopefully a more compatible with Linux systems in general) to solve the issue in 2?
B) What would you suggest me to fix my PC? Any advice, please?



If you know that your network adapter is very buggy, have you tried blacklisting it temporarily to check if that fixes the other problems?

Here is a very nice answer that describes what to do:

Money quote:

For example, If you wanted to disable the NIC card driver, you can find the name of kernel driver for your LAN card by using the command lspci -v command in a terminal.

Of course you will have no network access but maybe sleep, shutdown and reboot start working?
If you find out that this fixes your problem try getting a new network adapter of another brand.