[Bug of Feature?] Relative html links behaviour

:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


@discobot forum bugs

13 days, by my calculation. :wink:


Daaaamn that’s too much! People don’t live that long! :laughing:
Well, i can edit in PM meanwhile i guess, if it will resolve that problem anyway, which we’re not even 100% sure i guess :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I was sleeping. You have 37 days visited. You need 50, so 13 more days until TL3.

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  1. @joekamprad Haven’t raised limits to 90000 yet?

  2. Well guess who’s TL3 and still can’t edit own topic? :laughing:
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    Any other ideas…?

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:space_invader: i do not say anything…
@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Outlook good

On 30 days post edit limit, here’s what i’ve found:

Global solution + pretty interesting discussion.

Since i can’t edit my wiki-styled posts anymore…that would be really appreciated :space_invader:

As i’m sure for other users who make complex posts, sometimes you just need stuff like kill / change dead link or something, certainly 30 days limit to edit won’t be effective in that regards :slight_smile:

Of course it would be super cool if you can override such settings per-user / per-post or make a user group with infinite edits…Not sure if that’s doable right now

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not possible to have this per user… and at all not an good idea to give everyone the edit forever option.


In theory, but on practice is it really?

You mean like if someone really sneaky and malicious would edit years old posts to include something…Inappropriate?
I’d assume that most of such users would be deleted before that :upside_down_face:

You should be able to edit wiki posts forever - that’s the whole point of them being wiki posts. :thinking:

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hmm…maybe we missed some functionality and you can make any usual forum post a wiki?

Yes, any post can be made into a wiki post.

For example:

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This is now a wiki post.



Yes, it is indeed a wiki post.


Holy crap, where have you been all that time?! :rofl:
I just did - it is perfect!! :partying_face:

Had no idea it was there in post settings!

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And it also solves the post character limit problem!!!

Jeez @jonathon you saved the day! :partying_face:


I don’t know why people don’t just ask me in the first place. :roll_eyes: :grin:


Well you’ve been in this topic before! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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