Bug fix in tools for the latest Nvidia cards

Users of the very new Nvidia cards: a bug in detecting the latest Nvidia cards has been fixed! :sweat_smile:

So now your Nvidia RTX 30xx card is recognized in nvidia-installer-check and other related nvidia-installer-* tools.


And special thanks for @akej74 for reporting missing new Nvidia cards! :+1:


Thanks @manuel for fixing the bug, I can confirm everything works OK!

Slightly off topic: I have been running with both the regular nVidia driver (currently nvidia 455.45.01-7) and “nvidia-dkms” at the same time. Just curious if there are any drawbacks to this setup? Some google results indicate that the “nvidia-dkms” should be enough…


nvidia-dkms will be “updated” when kernel headers and such stuff are updated. Sometimes plain nvidia is not updated soon enough, and that may cause temporary problems.

So I recommend you uninstall nvidia and keep nvidia-dkms.

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how does it is handled that you even can have them both installed? it wasn’t that before afaik?

Looks like they are not in conflict… I’ll check a bit more.

Yeah, doesn’t seem to have conflicts variable in their PKGBUILDs.
So I don’t know if that works anyway.

Okay so I thought when you installed one it removed the other? nvidia vs nvidia-dkms

If the PKGBUILD declares a conflicts variable requiring removal of the other, then yes. But in nvidia’s case I didn’t find such conflicts definition in their PKGBUILDs.

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