Bug: EndeavourOS online install tries to install the wrong Firefox language pack for Brazilian Portuguese


When I was installing EndeavourOS again, I saw that the installer tried to install firefox-i18n-pt. But there is no such package. There are only firefox-i18n-pt-br (for Brazilian Portuguese) and firefox-i18n-pt-pt (for Portuguese Portuguese).

Check the log below:

23:04:54 [6]: static CalamaresUtils::ProcessResult CalamaresUtils::System::runCommand(CalamaresUtil>
<m", “firefox-i18n-pt”)
… Target cmd: (“pacman”, “-S”, “–needed”, “–noconfirm”, “firefox-i18n-pt”) Exit code: 1 out>
error: target not found: firefox-i18n-pt

Minor issue, but I think it could be easily addressed.

Thank you!

not really easy… as it is done by a very simple detection method, and it is not configured to be able to check for duallang entries…
all languages with such xx-xx naming will simply not be detected correctly.

So wouldn’t be better to remove it from Calamares, leaving it to the user to install? Or maybe add that as an option on eos-welcome? That would remove that unnecessary complexity.

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