Bug: cant install systemd-boot in offline installer

I have the latest iso. I noticed it will not install systemd-boot while in offline mode. Grub works fine however, which is strange…

Did you boot up your live usb in UEFI mode?
systemd-boot is supported only on UEFI.

Grub works fine on both UEFI and Bios/Legacy mode.

Booted using UEFI.
Launch installer, selected:

  • use systemd boot
  • manual partitioning
  • select/format fat32 partition, mount /efi

Fails each time at the end of the install.

Also noticed that when using grub, it uses /boot/efi. Systemd uses /efi . Not sure if this is a part of the issue?

This is by design.

What was the size of the ESP?
For systemd-boot you would need an ESP of the size 1 GB.

We would need to see the exact error in the install log from the failed install .
You could use the included log tool in the live usb to produce the install log after a failed install.

cat ~/endeavour-install.log | eos-sendlog
right after it fails from the livesession…

Even the error it shows on failing would at least give a hint what went wrong or is misconfigured.
It is not a general BUG that offline install is failing to install with default selected systemdboot, we tested this over a long time and on diofferent systems.