[BUG] Built EOS from Source Yesterday, Stuck on Installer

It boots, startx takes a while before greeter displays; nothing to write home about.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch the (Net) Installer.
  2. Attempt to “Install” EOS selecting top-left option.
  3. Terminal window opens, completes an operation (i.e. “Installation Complete”), becoming unresponsive.

Need a fresh install of EOS, a lot has changed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does it look like this:

In that case you’re the second person in 48 hours with issue.


Huh, almost convinced we’re having the same issue.

To be completely sure I’ll spin another build in a vm and report. :+1:

EDIT: @Beardedgeek72 Turns out there IS a bug in the installer!

Say a user initiates the installer, exits, then re-launches again. Even if calamares loads successfuly, exiting will cause all attempts in current-session to fail.

It has nothing to do with “modules”.


I just reinstalled it twice yesterday with different desktops and i didn’t have any issues. I think part of the issue is starting and stopping the installer and trying to relaunch the installer.

Yes, I think if there was a bug that prevented it to run the first time you would have been swamped by questions by now.

My procedure is always (well I have installed Endeavour 3 times after the web installer came out):

  1. Run gparted
  2. Update the welcome app
  3. Relaunch the welcome app
  4. Do an online install from the installer.

Note that in that scenario I never stop and then start the installer.

Well personally i haven’t had any issue with the installer and i have used it more times than you can imagine. I don’t start and stop the installer. Why would i? :roll_eyes:


People change their minds. :man_shrugging:

Ever open an application; closing it shortly thereafter, only to launch it again? i.e. Internet browser, word processor, media player, etc.

Yes, relaunching calamares usually makes it crash, over and over.

This is old, but i admit i haven’t investigated it.

A hunch is that when closing calamares it becomes unable to unmount and remove the temporary files it creates, then finding some conflict on what is trying to do and the files that already exist.

The error doesn’t seem to appear if close calamares before mounting partitions, only after, that’s why my guess is related with it.
Weird thing you can manually unmount the partitions and even so calamares still crashes… Maybe try deleting it’s temporary stuff from /tmp folder, unmounting and then relaunch it, may work.

Another possibiblity is that some calamares background service is still enabled even if closed, so it can’t open again without crashing at some point…

One kind of test to be done is boot distros that also use calamares and see if this can be replicated, specially testing based and not based archlinux distros, this may help to find the origin of the issue.

Only my thoughts…


Yes i have on occasion possibly but i know it also causes problems on a browser such as Firefox and other apps. An install situation is a little different. I was only pointing it out because i truly believed that starting and stopping it was the issue and concluded that based off of the image and also from my past experience using the installer. It’s just not something i would normally do but it could happen as a user is unsure. That’s all. You may call it a bug. I just know software does these kinds of things when you do something not intended or out of the ordinary. It happens…people do it. I just don’t think it’s a bug per say. I call it a glitch. :man_shrugging:

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Could be also related to what we use to change between offline and online install?

Or, if chroot has been run or not before quitting?

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Good question.
I don’t recall having any problems with Calamares but I’ve always rebooted if I change my mind after going past the “select partition method” screen.