Budgie and gnome after installation

I Had issue with installation of every time I did online installation so I did offline but I don’t like xfce it is possible to add Budgie with the Theme of endeavour and GNOME after the installation ?.
Thanks :blush:



Here is a good starting point.


Ok thanks man will it come with the endeavouros Theme?

It used to. I haven’t done this in a while and Budgie has and is evolving.

Also if you couldn’t do an oneline install because of network problems, downloading this many packages might result in the same problem. Hopefully not.


No it was not a network problem it was an Error with the iso probably due to the hardware and I found out in the bottom of the page thanks a lot

If you didn’t have network problems, it should work.


Yeah I look like it’s working thanks I’ll update you in a bit

Really weird I have no idea what’s Wong and that’s with gnome

I’m going to try to install online again

I would recommend doing it with a new fresh downloaded iso since you weren’t having good luck with it.

And since you’re alerady in xfce, I would create a new usb. . .

I don’t think the iso can come erupted in the other end I tried on two different USB with no luck

Anyway I’m doing the installation now if it’s not going to work I will download the ISO again

The iso can absolutely be corrupted. That’s why we have checksums.

Yeah I know that I just thought that I ran the checksums test but i didn’t my bad and yeah a got error in the Installation so I’m going to do it now

Ok after the new iso still getting the error
(Installation Failed

Package Manager error


The package manager could not make changes to the installed system. The command

returned error code 1.)