Btrfs snapshot after boot

Hi followed this guide
in order to save snapshot and have entries in boot menu.
When i select to boot on old snapshot how can this become the new default?
Thanks a lot

The snapshots in the grub menu are used to boot the system when the default boot does not work.
Once entered, use timeshift to do the final rollback.

So a timeshift command to make that snapshot the current one? I expected a btrfs command -(

I don’t know, I don’t use timeshift but why are you looking for a terminal command? Timeshift doesn’t have a GUI?

I used only the future that saved snapshot After Pacman command.

so what? I don’t understand what you mean

Can this be useful to you?

Timeshift probably also has terminal commands to do the same things, but unless there is a real need, I don’t see the point in making life difficult.

@GjMan78 thanks a lot, i used timeshift-gtk to restore a saved snapshot and sorry for too simplex question

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