Btrfs ideas, good or not?

A hook for btrfs-assistant when btrfsmaintenance systemctl timers are about to start.

Something like a notification before btrfsmaintenance runs balance, defrag or scrub ?
A popup that allows to postpone these actions would be nice too, maybe not now, remind me later, alert me again within one hour?

Maybe an option to disable psd profile sync daemon before btrfsmaintenance jobs?

Once everything is finished, a new notification popup showing how things went, like scrub stats, defrag logs and actions performed afterwards like enabling psd again?

These are only ideas, unfortunately I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how hard this would be to get implemented…

Btrfs Assistant is not a system-wide monitoring application. I am not sure those activities really fit with what Btrfs Assistant attempts to be.


Hm, I see, thanks Dalto :+1:

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