BTRFS Data Utilization 99%

I just thought to have a look at BTRFS Assistant.
I noticed first tab showing Data Utilization 99% as the image shows.
Is this normal?
Should I do anything?


Yes, 99% is normal after running btrfs balance

If you manually delete many snapshots, then less than 99%.

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Thanks @Zesko
I did not run btrfs balance as I do not really know what it is or what it does.
Is there another way to perhaps increase the space so it will not be that critical?

For sure I want to find another automatic solution so I do not need to keep deleting snapshots manually.
If I just leave it this way would the system handle snapshots properly on its own?
Would it reach a point where it can not take snapshots? I am snapshoting both system and /home.
I have a lot of SSD space by the way.

This is balance between btrfs data and btrfs metadata, the percentage “X%” is not about physical usage of your disk. But it is Btrfs management.
The balancing is useful and would help improve performance when adding a new disk into RAID 1 or change profile of metadata or something else.

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I am not using any RAID stuff.

Is it OK to just leave it as it is? Would it happen in a few days, weeks or even months that it will not be able to take more snapshots of system and /home?

Should I increase the “Allocated”? How to? If I did, would it happen later on that it reads 99% again? How to avoid?

I do not feel OK with this 99%. It may slow down my laptop? Prevent further sanpshots?

For the data utilization, higher is better. In most cases you want that number to be above 80%.

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I see, so this is even better. I should not bother with it and will not cause any problems?

Yes, those statistics are there for people who want them and understand what they mean. Those are statistics related to the internal btrfs metadata.

The stats that indicate how full your disk is are the ones in the Information section.

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For me… who cares! I don’t even know what are they.

Again, me! understand this!? No, not me. I am just an average Joe. An average old Joe to be precise :rofl:

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