Btrfs Assistant 1.0 is coming, testers needed

Question? Why would I not have a “Btrfs Maintenence” Tab? everything else seems fine.

You need to install the package btrfsmaintenance

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Just a question: Yesterday I had to do with Manjaro on a computer and found out that there the Btrfs Assistant already comes installed in the live session and can be found in the Pamac in the repos. Why do we have to pull the Btrfs Assistant from the AUR here then? Everything grumbles here on Manjaro and turns up his nose when this name is mentioned, but obviously they are in some things further than we are.

Because it isn’t in the Arch repos?

It is also in the Fedora repos.

It’s also in the Chaotic-AUR.

pacman -Ss btrfs-assistant
chaotic-aur/btrfs-assistant 1.8-1 [installed]
    An application for managing BTRFS subvolumes and Snapper snapshots
chaotic-aur/btrfs-assistant-git 1.8.r0.g3de16cb-1
    An application for managing BTRFS subvolumes and Snapper snapshots

It is very easy to set up:

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For example, If I want to play with different shells and terminal, and want to make backup before ( just in case if I screw something) , what should I do ?

Go to snapper in Btrfs assistant, choose config"root (/)" and than new .

anything else ?

what about those types:

  • single
  • post
  • pre

Single are normal snapshots, you can create them manually, or they will be created automatically every hour.

pre and post snapshots are created snap-pac, they are created in pairs, thus not single snapshot.
pre pacman update
post pacman update.

You can read more about it here:

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I choose one point from where I want to restore, but folders are still there . for example kitty folder and config are there, but it is deleted when I run kitty from terminal… is that ok ?

I’m not sure if its my English problem, English is not my native language, but I didn’t understand what you are saying unfortunately.

Edit: Is that folder inside your /home folder, and you restored / (@) ?

That could explain that folder still existing there.

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Nah, it is not your English, it is my stupidity xD

I restore / , but that folder is in my home ( it is separate btrfs partition).

So obviously that is the reason why the folder is still there, hehe


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Why I have options to make /home snapshots, but when I want to restore it, it is not visible ?

Btw, I have separate root and home partitions, both btrfs ofc :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you mean. Can you share screenshots of what you are referring to?

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It is probably the one that says “Partition root”.

However, if you mounted /home directly on the root of the btrfs partition, I don’t think there is an easy way to restore those snapshots.

It is always better to mount your filesystems on a subvolume if you want to be able restore them. You can however, restore individual files.

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Oh yes, you are right. I dont know where I mounted it. I let everything in Calamares to be done :slight_smile:

Can I do it now, or this is ok ? for root partition restore working fine

If you want to be able to easily restore /home in it’s entirety you would need to switch it over to be mounted on a subvolume.

It is not that hard to do it after the fact.

Can you guide me or show me where to look ? :slight_smile:

Do you want to start from the current state of /home or a snapshot?

Curious thing on the side:

I just learned that btrfs is pronounced as ‘butter-fs’ by watching a video, the other day. :wink:

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Current :slight_smile: