BT powering off when pairing or connecting

Strange …looks like most things are working. :thinking:

Yeah, I don’t get it. The adappter just powers off in the moment I try to pair…

bluetoothctl --help

Have you tried one device at a time run bluetoothctl
What does it show?


power on

scan on

pair (mac address)

trust (mac address)

connect (mac address)


Have you used these devices before or is this the first time?

Kill the pulse audio daemon first and then try to connect.

$ pulseaudio -k
[bluetooth]# connect 00:1D:43:6D:03:26

If you want to automatically connect to this device in the future:

[bluetooth]# trust 00:1D:43:6D:03:26

Edit: I’m assuming this is the headset?

Will try asap, killed my grub today… thanks anyway!