Bspwm edition

I just realized maybe it’s ublock that is blocking it?

Edit: Nope! I turned ublock off and still nothing happens clicking on the link.

Edit2: If i go to invidious site and find it then it works.

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The first does not open on my system too. I used YouTube link.

What is really weird is if i click on the link it doesn’t open but if then click on the url in the window and press enter then it comes up? Strange. :thinking:


So far I see this with ANY link to/thru invidious. Must be something weird with that domain. Yes, I had to use the second posted link access too…

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there are not many on the bspwm edition :thinking:

I’ve been using EndeavourOS on and off since it’s inception…Various DE’s and WM’s…Excellent work by all involved…I installed Bspwm yesterday and it doesn’t disappoint…Well thought out and executed…A pleasure…


Thank You! :heart:


I am really loving this edition, thanks for the hard work, I will be promoting EndevourOS everywhere possible.

Brilliant work :slight_smile:


welcome at the purple side of tiling :enos:


just simple but stay EoS idea


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I’m currently on EOS with i3, what would I need to do to add BSPWM and have it setup as configured in the April iso?

Never mind… I answered my own question by checking out the EOS github page and found the script to install everything.


I’m not back -nor will I be back. I’m out of the project as it turned into someting I widn’t want it to be. I wish you all the best tho - different ppl wants differnet things anf that’s just smething we all have to accept. I do log in to spy on you guys from time to time and see how things are developing tho. When we started out on this I was convinced we could do it in matter of days at least a week - and I still am - but the more ppl get involved the more you have to cater to their needs. That’s why I wanted it minimal from the start . There is no size fits all . now it feels more like a personalized project and not something for everyone to build their own from. I guess that’s cool too - just not my way. I have the deepest respect for you guys and as I said I wish you the best Good Luck

I truly am sorry I had to leave - when it was you and me I was convinced we getit done in very short time. All the best to you man


@anon77235960 sorry u feel that way . I wish you best in linux journey ( door alway open for you ) :+1:

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nothing to feel sorry for - I just wanted a minimal edition where ppl could make their own - now I fel it is going the manjaro way. But if that ppl want so be it. I just don’t want to be a part of it. I use vanilla Arch - but I dig the community here. It seems ppl here are the ones that are the only ones that got including is always better than excluding

cant see how manajro come in :thinking: I also use Arch but really enjoy EOS community and what it has achieved in small time … It go from strength to strength

Cheers for your help setting me up on BSPWM all that time ago. :slight_smile:


wht I ment by manjaroi is that they try to cater to many at the same times, My wat would be to make it as minimal s possible and leave it to the user to what they want to install

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understand 100% . +agree but no everyone same as you / me , plus what i read most want little more than basic ( sad but true ) It fine line and i think EOS bspwm hit that line ( for 95% of users that come to EOS)

That my opinion only . I hope you pop back often

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