Browsing all installed packages: what is "1/1500"?"

In the Arch wiki on Pacman tips and tricks: browsing packages, there’s this command to browse all installed packages:

pacman -Qq | fzf --preview 'pacman -Qil {}' --layout=reverse --bind 'enter:execute(pacman -Qil {} | less)'


While the number in the top left, 2/784, is related to matches and the total number of installed packages on the system, what does the number in the top right mean?

arc-gtk-theme-eos has 1/1500 and if I scroll to lxappearance-gtk3, that has 1/191. archlinux-keyring has 1/30, endeavour-theming has 1/42.

And some, like endeavour-keyring and endeavour-mirrorlist have nothing! (This is the case in both a VM of i3 and a bare-metal install of Sway.)

It’s simply showing the total number of lines in that window, if there are more lines than can be displayed without scrolling.

The first number (in your example, 1) is the line displayed at the top. If you scroll down, that first number will change.

If some packages don’t show that, it’s because all the lines are able to be displayed without scrolling.


I didn’t know how to scroll in the RHS pane; just up/down would move up/down in the LHS pane but Ctrl+down/up does the job in the RHS pane :+1:


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