Browser performance

Good night, everybody. First of all thank you for the great work you do with the distribution, I like it a lot and the customization that xfce brings is just beautiful. I make this post to ask what I can do to improve the performance of the chromium browser, I installed the chromium vaapi version but still consumes about 25-30% of the cpu to play from youtube, is there anything I can do about it? I want to clarify that this is the case with all the distros in general. But since I stay with EOS I want to fix it in EOS. Thank you in advance

I want to take advantage of reporting a problem, the autologin does not work even if check the box in the installation, it is nothing of the other world but it is a problem.

Browser performance

Do you have an NVIDIA GPU? If not, which one do you have? It requires a bit of tinkering to get to work if you’re not using Chrome itself.

it is an integrated intel gpu, install libva-intel-driver to activate vaapi in general, install chromium vaapi and activate the flag indicated for its operation. VLC plays youtube with 5% of the cpu in high quality and chromium is not able to do it. additionally make sure everything was correct with the vainfo command, and it’s

perdon por la calidad de la traducción, el ingles no es mi idioma natal

what shows this url:


and here are some info on enable Hardware-Acceleration in Chrome Browsers: