Brother network printer: socket:// or dnssd://?

I have a Bother MFC-JW497DW multifunctional printer*. I can use it as a network WiFi printer, having as connection either
socket://(printer’s ip address)
dnssd://Brother%20MFC-J497DW._ipp._tcp.local/?… a quite long line
Which one would be best to use permanently, future-proof, please?
Thanks, endocub
P.S. *: With the help of this friendly forum, installation of this printer/scanner was a breeze:

I use socket://address with my Brother printer & have done that for several years without problems.

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Sorry Pudge, I don’t see this topic as solved. I am still waiting for an opinion pro dnssd. What makes makes me suspicious about socket is, that over a couple of years, my printer has changed its ipp address a little once or twice (don’t ask me why and how, I feel innocent). Of course I could change the address in socket, but I wonder whether dnssd will take care of that automatically, because I did not see the ipp address in the configure line, just an uuid address.

No need to be sorry.

A changing ipp address sounds like your Brother printer is set for DHCP, which is dynamic and can change your printer’s address.

If you are going with socket, you need to go to the Brother Printer, and on the printer’s LCD screen, assign a static IP address.

Press the “Menu” button
down arrow to “4 Network” then OK
"1 Wired Lan " press OK
“2 IP Address” press OK
enter desired static IP address

Now when using localhost:631 on the first screen, choose “Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)”
second screen, enter “ipp://” which will be the static IP address you assigned
in the screen where you enter the driver, choose “IPP Everywhere”



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Thank you for your detailed explanation, Pudge. Two more questions:

  1. Why is there either dnssd or socket to chose? Is there an advantage one over the other? Maybe an explanation in a nutshell to a dnssd/ipp newbie?

  2. Your citations of my lines look so neatly organized. I know how to do it in other forums, but how to do it here in this forum?

Thanks, endocub

Hello @endocub, I hope you and your family are all doing well.

Part 1

  • I THINK, I’m not sure, the biggest difference is dnssd relies on Avahi to discover your printer. Sort of like universal plug and play in Windows. In this mode you would want DHCP set up in the printer. I think Brother calls it “auto” in the IP section.

  • where as socket is defined by the static IP address you set in the Printer options, which is then given to CUPS during installation with the localhost:631 server. Now CUPS knows exactly where your printer is located.

I hope that makes sense.

As to part 2

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Thank you very much Pudge, for these two detailed informations!

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