Brother J5855dw printer not in AUR


Just acquired a Brother printer MFC-J5855dw and as it turns out, this is one that’s not in the AUR. Is there a newb-friendly way to work with the rpm or deb available on the Brother site?

And my apologies if this is answered here, I’ve been searching but not finding what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

dnf is in the aur, never used it. Have you tried:

you can create a PKGBUILD yourself, read the following arch wiki article.
in the second link you can download the rpm or deb packages.

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Thank you. I did see this page and felt in over my head, but at your suggestion I went back and really started to read it. I can do this. :sweat_smile: One question, where instructions state,

Do not forget to update the md5sum

Is it simply generate a new one with something like MD5 Hash Generator?


Got it… updpkgsums worked and the printer is working. Thank you! :smiley:


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