Broken update packages

For me what bothers me the most are all these broken packages when updating. No time to always try to fix things with workarounds. BTW I am not pounding on Endeavour OS but Arch Linux.

Packages are not necesarly broken. Things can happend offcourse some experiences are also subjective. And the way to handle is also different then a more frozen distro.

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One thing to do before updating packages is to give a terminal command:

   yay -Pw

It can give you news about packages issues and their fixes.
And if it shows nothing, then there are no news available.


It also helps if you could tell us which message you get when updating, just in case it is something we can fix. :wink:

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This is not perfect, unfortunately. As I understand it will get only news newer than the building date of all the packages. So, if a package was installed/updated after the news was published nothing will appear.

I was usually greping the latest entry with something of the sort:

yay -Pww | grep "^[0-9].*" -A9 --color=always | tail

But it’s an awkward way as well :confused:

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True, it is not perfect.

That’s why eos-update-notifier does a different thing: it locally saves the date of the last news item seen by a user, and when there are news after that date, it shows the news directly from Arch news page.
That should guarantee all news will be shown as soon as they are published.

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