Broken status bar title

I’m seeing this broken text instead of window title in my DWM that i installed from AUR


dwm uses other scripts that set up the text and push it to xsetroot. The basic ones loop to update. More advanced have blocks that are independent, timed, and clickable. ref: dwmblocks-async.

A moderate example that will need some tweaking, check OldTechBlocke’s dwmbar2: Fix this up, and run this while dwm is running and something might appear in the status bar.

The dwm in AUR is the most basic of the original dwm code as a binary, minus any useful patches and changes since. It’s the ~90 other patches and merging them that really makes dwm a personal work of art for your workflow.

If this is your first foray into tiling window managers, I might suggest detours through spectrwm, i3wm, or awesomewm first.

No, i have been using tiling wm for a long time now. I switch between them time to time. I have previously installed dwm & that time the window name was included with the dwm default config. I’m using rsblocks for the status bar but the window name persist broken.

Ok! I took a look at rsblocks. Interesting. The author calls it experimental, and that might be your problem.

If you open a terminal while running dwm, and type:

xsetroot -name "test test test"

Does that string appear in the status bar? rsblocks might be bombing out somewhere on your system and might need some debugging.

Actually i started using rsblocks recently before that i even tried xsetroot for the status bar items & if i’m not wrong dwm window title comes with the pkg itself.

Ok, not sure what’s best. Given it’s unknown how the maintainer built the AUR package, you may want to try building the code yourself. Or use something like the dwm-flexipatch github project that integrates most of the interesting dwm patches with preprocessor directives.

Hey, i tried building dwm from the source still the issue persisting. Fresh install almost nothing changed except the terminal.

What changed of the terminal?

What do you see if you launch other applications? Say, a browser, or some other window gui application?

I ask after reading this reddit post and the second last comment. Thought is, the “broken” comes from a misbehaving terminal application.

No, i just changed the default terminal to alacritty.