Broken EndeavourOS KDE clean install

I did a clean install of EndeavourOS Gemini (2024.04.20).

Upon login, there is simple no KDE taskbar (taskmanager). I can use the search or terminal to open apps, and it works fine. Alt+tab, etc.

But the Task manager + start menu just doesn’t show up. Already tried to reboot, nothing solved. Yes, plasmashell is initiated.

As the clean install was made today, the KDE version is 6.1.0, running Wayland, as it’s the default.

I guess maybe it’s some package that 6.1 requires that is missing from the default EndeavourOS Calamares KDE packages?

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Right click on the desktop, select edit mode.

Then in the panels menu select “Add a default panel”

I will do a quick install and see if I can reproduce the issue you are seeing.


Actually worked! Though the problem was more serious… Thanks!


I know you said “clean install”, but was your home folder also clean?

Meaning did you keep your /home from a previous installaition?

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online or offline install?


Thinking here, and maybe this is happening when you change the scale/display settings?

Because on a live USB, this also happens if I change the display settings, the task manager just get deleted and I have to create again.

Nop. 100% clean install.

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i see on using Nvidia blob drivers and gpu … it happens that even if i do not have second display connected or powered on it is still acting like it is there… so i have may windows open on the non existing display and taskbar opens there in case too.

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