Broken desktop? after update

Hello everybody.
I just updated my system using yay. But now my desktop is broken:

  • I cannot start any programs from the taskbar
  • startmenu is opening but programs I click are not starting (it seems so, I am not seeing them on desktop)
  • open windows do not have a menubar and I cannot grab them to pull them around
  • I cannot close an open window with alt+F4
  • when I switch to Wayland on login screen and enter password it is not loading desktop at all and gets me back to login screen, in x11 I get a DE

Thanks in advance for any help.

We need information. You give us issues but no useful information to assist you. Start by posting the appropriate logs.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not including logs in my first post.

In the meantime i did a reinstall of kde plasma desktop from tty and also it changed nothing in first place, after doing another yay there was an update to kwin. After another reboot it seems to work again. Not sure if this update fixed it or my reinstall or both.

For now i think this topic can be closed. Next time i will include the logs if i can provide them.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

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