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Just to point out, what you’ve done there is a partial upgrade, and it’s very likely to cause issues over time.

You shouldn’t pick one testing repo to enable without the others, and if you use -Sy then you should also do -Su (i.e. -Syu).

If you want to cherry-pick only a single package then downloading it directly from the package page (“Download from mirror”) will limit the potential damage to your installation.


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How is it a partial upgrade? I am genuinely curious so I can better understand what I should/shouldn’t be doing as I’m still learning even after a few months, your input would be appreciated!

Not sure if it matters, but this was done post system update/upgrade to the new Kernel and other system wide items - the intent was to switch over to the normal repo once it was available (and it did automatically). Wasn’t meant to be a full on switch over, just a temporary until everything got sorted out.

Whenever you do pacman -Sy and then you install something you run the risk of a partial update. You have updated the database without updating the packages. Now, when you install something, you are potentially installing something newer than the rest of your system. If that package is built against other packages in the system, in the best case, that would case that package to not function. In the worst case, you could end up with a broken system. Especially if the package calls for a specific version of another package which cascades the partial upgrade.

It is best practice to never do a pacman -Sy without also doing pacman -Su.


N00b question here, but how do I do that?

pacman -R  broadcom-wl-dkms
pacman -Sy  broadcom-wl

Are you having an issue with wifi?