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since one of the last updates I get notifications in Plasma like “The system is going down for suspend NOW”. Anyone experience this too?



Yeah, looks like some soystemd update have made it more funky


P.S. Well yeah, actually i also see it only like @BS86, not as Plasma notification :thinking:


have it too, but I think its systemd, not Plasma triggering the notification. It’s also visible during shutdown sometimes and happens for reboot, shutdown, suspend etc

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I don’t do hibernation or suspend. It’s either on or off! I don’t really notice many notifications on Plasma unless i update and it needs rebooting or there are updates and i haven’t updated it yet. Usually when i start it and it checks automatically i’ll get informed there are updates if i wait long enough.

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Yep, I simply forgot to mention that systemd is my prime suspect here too.

A shutdown was the first occasion I noticed but I did not pay any more attention then.

Maybe not a bug, even a feature.


naah…systemd is a bug :rofl:

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Here are some news on this.

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