Brlcad-bin from AUR

Brlcad-bin installs completely from AUR but no indication of it shows up in my Cinnamon menu whatsoever. If I try to run the program from ‘terminal’ nothing happens. (i.e. brlcad?) Any idea’s or suggestions. It’s worked in the past. I realize this has nothing to do with EndeavourOS and has to do with AUR maintenance. . . .


Last Updated: 2017-07-04 09:00 (UTC)
It’s flagged out of date.

It doesn’t include a desktop file so it won’t show up in the menu.

The binaries are installed to /opt/brlcad-bin/bin which probably isn’t in your path.

Overall, that package hasn’t been updated in 6.5 years and appears to be unmaintained.

Thanks for the info and help. . . .much appreciated.

Rich :wink:

I tried the open source way, but ended up installing virtualbox/windows, and installing Autocad Inventor. Since then I never looked back.