Brightness slider doesn't change brightness

The brightness slider increments by 4, 6 or 7% instead of 5% sometimes but the actual brightness doesn’t change at all and it looks like it’s at 100%. On a laptop with 6800H + RTX 3050Ti and I haven’t installed Nvidia drivers yet.

what DE (Desktop Environment) is the main question.
And this is a Notebook? with Optimus hybrid graphics?

show hardware:

And indeed welcome on to the purpelization :enos:

Running KDE Plasma

Hardware -
Boot log -

I’m able to change the brightness using
xrandr --output eDP-1 --brightness 0.8 --gamma 1:1:1

Could help

I think my issue is the one in 6.4 of I recently updated the BIOS so the new BIOS version and the kernel might be incompatible.