Brightness button doesn't work, xbacklight doesn't work either

I tried to increase my screen brightness using the brightness keys but it doesn’t work. Then I tried running the xbacklight -inc 5 command but that didn’t work either.

My laptop has both intel and Nvidia GPUs but I am using Nvidia only to reduce screen tearing. So how do I have intel_backlight?!

~ ls /sys/class/backlight

Is this installed?

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community/light 1.2.2-2 [installed]

By default Bspwm edition uses xbacklight to control brightness. This works only with intel cards. Your Nvidia card may be inducing some friction.

Try what xircon suggested.
yay -S light to install the package.

Then try running following commands.
light -A 5 to increase brightness.
light -U 5 to decrease brightness.

Please report if these work or not.

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