Bricked my system with nvidia-all :D

Hi there,

as 545.29.06 gave me some bad stuttering, I googled how to downgrade drivers and stumbled upon nvidia-all. I cloned the git und gave it a try with makepkg -si. I chose 545.29.02 and it worked. System booted properly and .02 drivers were installed. As stuttering was still there, I installed 545.29.06 drivers via the same script. End of the story, system did not boot anymore and got stuck (see photo). I then installed .02 again and it properly booted again. Tried that several times until I chose to install .06 via the .run file downloaded from nvidia hp. That made things worse. I was still not able to boot but could also not install .02 via script anymore as it said files are existing. So I deleted all files and tried again. Nope, still stuck in boot process. Only alt+F3 works, brining me into the console login.

Any hints on how to get my system working again besides a full reinstall?

Thx a lot!!!

first time i hear that one… so no clue if it is clean but as it is from it should be fine…

Issue will be using the .run file but it alkso have option to uninstall you where using this before running the frogging script again?

I think I fixed it. NVIDIA-inst, which I also found, showed several packages which were conflicting. I removed all with pacman -Rc including steam and GWE. Afterwards NVIDIA-Inst installed latest drivers .06. Ah, and prior to that I deleted the nvidia folder under dkms as those also showed conflicts. What a ride :joy: