Breeze is the only Task Switcher effect working. Why?

Hi. Up to date EOS is in use on Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro
Discrete GPU is turned of, so only amdgpu is in use. Other effects do work (virtual desktop switching, window minimizing, translucency, shadows, and so on). But Breeze is the only working selection for Task Switcher effect. Any other selection is the same as if checkbox near effect type combobox is unchecked.

Any ideas?

There is another package that is an optional install that contains more switchers - if anyone can remember the name (am working, so no access to linux)? Else I will post back later :smiley:

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Thanks, knowing there is a package, I have found it: kdeplasma-addons

P.S. Marking the message as Solution, but all respects to @xircon

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