📣 BREAKING: Meta prohibited from use of personal data for advertisment

Hopefully more good things of the sort will come in 2023 and beyond.



Breaking news: Meta’s profits tank after being prohibited from selling data


Or they will just ignore it.

Most likely that will be the case. :thinking:

Wait Whatsapp chats are used for advertising data?!

yup. Companies who are not harvesting data are pretty much unicorns

if it’s gratis and not libre, you’re the product.

anything owned by facebook is untrustworthy imo

oh if only literally every single person I know wasn’t using WhatsApp… not just for personal messaging, but for job as well :smiling_face_with_tear:
although I could start recommending more privacy focused messengers… but I honestly feel like I would start annoying people :"d
especially considering that some of the most popular privacy focused messengers require both people to have their app installed…
I mean I get that the idea of cross-platform messengers sounds pretty difficult (if ever possible)… it’s just still sad how we are kind of stuck with what we have

Cool idea: Respond to people’s messages on Whatsapp late or not at all AND recommend something like Session. :smiley: