Borg/Vorta against rsync

I also push whenever I can. That method is superior. I only pull when the backup source is somewhere that I either can’t or don’t want to run borg on. For example, a NAS device.

These things on Borg really makes me reconsider and try to set it one more time.

I am just struggling with restic, where for 160 GB of data it mounts a drive with more than 1 TB (there are a multitude of folders inside the mount, like hosts, ids and snapshots.

Currently I have just two snapshots, so I first thought I would have around 320 GB of data, but no almost 1 TB. Strange.

Is it actually using 1TB or is just presenting as 1TB?

Just presenting, as I saw through file manager (I was not able to run ncdu to check that, because it returned the following error:

thread 2329043 panic: reached unreachable code - Unwind information for :0x58adbdb53d77 was not available, trace may be incomplete).

I prefer restic and kopia.

I was using borgmatic, but found emborg is even simpler and answer my needs (/etc+few home directories backups on local disk).

restic is proving to be fantastic here. Right to my needs.

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No restic doesn’t use borg on the back end so you will have to create a fresh back up with it. I switched because I was having some issues with my borg backups getting corrupt. Restic is purely a cli so you will end up having to write your own scripts to automate it. Not that difficult really I have a couple of helper scripts I wrote for myself to keep my setups easy for myself and then I just write a systemd service and timer to fully automate my backups.

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Yes, it is really great. Started using it a couple days ago and I am surprised with how easy to setup and great it is.

I am already automating somethings with the first repo via cron and everything looks very good.

I was already “saved” one time through that mount restore feature: just mounted the latest snapshot and was able to pick up a little modified file from there. Really amazing! :slight_smile:

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