Booting problem

i would like to heavily apologize in advance for the scarce info
while i was doing my daily things (internet surfing, talking on matrix/element)
my system decided to just hang up, so i decided to reboot, booting into black screen
i tried nomodeset, blackscreen and unble to even get to a terminal
i tried to boot into a liveusb, blackscreen (even in legacy mode)

i am truly and honestly stumped like i have never been before

Hardware failure?

Desktop or laptop? How old?

Does it POST? Can you access BIOS?

i can access bios
i have noticed also that when i try legacy boot from liveusb, it states “sgx disabled bi bios”
i have not changed bios setting in many months

How far into the boot process does it fail?

Does it reach the bootloader? Initrd? Init (ie systemd)? Display Manager?

BIOS settings could reset while such failure

Check the status of hardware components in BIOS.

Is your machine clogged with dust? Could be overheating.

Hardware brand and specs?

on normal boot reaches to “starting version” and loading the sda, than goes to blackscreen

when trying to boot from an usb it says sgx disabled by bios, a few lines that are to fast to read and goes to blackscreen

when trying nomodeset its says

starting version 249.4-1-arch
/dev/sda2: recovrign journal
/dev/sda2:in clean, 528157/7782400 files, 7261405/31126889 blocks

and than hangs up, no blackscreen

i looked at my bios it doesnt look like anything is different

i do clean my system once a month, but doing it again did help
could it be that a bit of dust just got on a particular unlucky spot?

You can boot again?

If so your system could be overheating.

Check the journal logs to confirm.

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If you clean it once a month good - very unlikely…

LOL, not sure if that was real.

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why shouldnt it be?
my last computer fried thanks to me never cleaning it (i finally cleaned it and forgot to take out the fans, i cleaned it and the fans spun, electricity and all that), so it was entirely unusable and i had to get a new one

i do tend to get quiet unlucky with technology despite my liking to it

Given the thread is solved I assume your system can boot again?

Simply by cleaning it?

I would recommend checking the logs to confirm if indeed your system overheated. Odds are it could overheat again.

Otherwise could be hardware on the verge of failure.

Less than half an hour between the OP and marking your own reply as the solution… You could have just tried solving the problem on your own.

Well, reading OP - she actually tried pretty hard… :sweat_smile:

perhaps i just did not mention how long i have been trying to solve it myself beforehand (besides what i mentioned about the things i did try), which should not be relevant, i came here because i do know this to be a friendly community who knows a lot more than me

as for the logs, which log should i be checking to see the correct information?

Well, you could have waited another 30 minutes.

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journalctl -p3 -xb

Don’t be such a frog! :frog:

P.S. @AmandaONeill He just can’t stand self-solutions :laughing:

I have no issue with the thread, a non booting system can be stressful.

Journal logs errors :

sudo journalctl -p err -b -n

Where n is the number of boot cycles to go back (ie -2 lists all errors two boot cycles ago).

Keep going back until you see the failed boots and see what error messages were logged.

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Yeah, you’re right it makes sense to analyze not current boot (although it won’t hurt as well)