Booting Linux of off Google drive


Frankly, I read the entire article, but I still have no idea how this was done.


The little part I understood is great.

I am sure the bigger part I didn’t understand is equally great, if not greater :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing anyways!


I have no doubt @Pudge will understand at least a part of it as well.

I barely understood this thread! :man_shrugging:

I can barely stand.
Wait… what? Sorry, I meant it’s all arcane glyphs for me too.

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Basically the device boots from a image (or boot files, not sure) but has no own storage devices, so everything happens in memory and through internet to google drive in this case.

It is similar to booting a live image but the image is stored on Google Drive, so best comparison is the old pxe boot (only the image is not on a corporate server but comes from Google Drive)


So we have a totally google-fied (transport at least) Linux.

Ah, some kind of network boot then.
Thanks for clarifying. :+1:t2:

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