Booted to a blinking cursor. No TTY available

This is not a problem but a sharing:

Yesterday I casually restarted my Thinkpad X380 just to boot to a black screen with a blinking cursor. Trying to get into TTY was a bit… “funny” pressing CTRL+ALT+Fx was showing a login screen for a split second and then returning to the black screen with the blinking cursor. No keyboard input was taken into this split second.

Fx*#! I was prepare to chroot and to attempt and update, or to replace some packages or to see if by mistake I have any nvidia drivers installed (google was pointing in that direction).

I do not know why I thought to check a ncdu and a gparted only to discover that my / is full… with… pacman cache…

needless to say that deleting the contents of the cache folder solved the problem. Now I only need to investigate why this was not automatically emptied… :slight_smile:

I hope this will help somebody, someday

p.s. my install is already circa 1,5 year old…

paccache is the CLI command for managing the size of pacman package cache.
And you can automate this with a systemd service using a command
paccache-service-manager or some similar tool.