Boot up issue // potentially mount point related

After fresh install and several successful boots, OS will not boot to login screen. It almost seems like it could be a failure to mount partitions correctly because it shows one of the partitions mounting, but then the flashing cursor appears which necessitates a hard shutdown. I hope that describes the issue well enough. Unless someone has a fix, I’ll probably do a fresh install this evening.

Hi, and welcome on forum.

Actually many things might look like that.
Did you try to press ctrl + alt + F2 to see if its not your DE broken? You shoud see terminal login screen after that.
If it isn’t working, then I’d try to change runlevel to 3 and try to fix problem in terminal if system boots. More info on runlevel:

Anyway, how did that happend? Did you made some changes to /etc/fstab? Maybe some kernel upgrade? What changed since last succesfull boot?

Don’t reinstall your OS, probably you don’t need to, and thats not the linux way of solving problems :wink: Try to get deeper in issue and solve it, you will learn something, and maybe even enjoy the process! :smile:
Sorry for typos, that bloody smartphone…


Touche. After a few times cycling through the boot cycle, it seeming sorted itself out. The other issue that popped up afterwords was the clock needed to be reset. Found a good answer for that in the Endeavour forum. Thanks for the tips. I agree on the re-install; it was more for if I couldn’t find an answer. I will put it in my notes.

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