Boot troubles on fakeraid

Hallo! First time EOS user having install issues.
Setup is x64 on fakeraid (RST/VROC) 10.
Used the Calamares installer w/ systemd-boot/dracut.
Upon initial install got a disk not found failure. Turned out to be because Dracut doesn’t assemble md arrays automatically by default.
I chroot’d into the install (from live boot) and added into /etc/kernel/cmdline. Ran reinstall-kernels.
This got me past the “not found” error but now I just have a hang with nothing to go on.

Any ideas on what it might be, or a process for debugging the boot sequence to determine the cause of the hang?

Try setting loglevel=7. That should dump quite lot of info.

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Appreciate the help.
Log 7 definitely got more info but no smoking gun.

@dalto Any other suggestions to look at?

I might try installing the LTS kernel in the arch-chroot. Make sure this isn’t another kernel 6.5 issue.

Well, I figured out the proximate issue.
I was managing the machine via the virtual KVM functionality of the motherboard’s built-in BMC (over ethernet).
Somehow was preventing the DE from starting when using 6.5.

I installed linux-lts and that fixed the issue.

So I can either run on linux-lts and have access to KVM remote management via my BMC or I can run 6.5, but only with direct display output.

Problem solved!!
Thanks @dalto. Really appreciate the assistance (and other past posts you’ve made that have helped me navigate issues).

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