Boot Stuck wpa supplicant

I’m added th is option using “e” key after that didn’t know how to save it so using crtl+x to boot and the problem exist I don’t know if doing right but btw I export a log too if help…
journal.odt (190.7 KB)

it is used as i can see…

and nvidia is still failing:

systemd-coredump[1180]: Process 1049 (Xorg) of user 0 dumped core.
Module with build-id adb7541feaf87c8fbb8f48f94f6687c535eee896
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If you have internet conmnection make sure you do system update to latest packages… if not try that and reboot… and if it still not load x session go remove nvidia driver and us nouveau to see if this is leading to a working x-system.

use nvidia-inst tool:
yay -Syu --needed nvidia-inst
nvidia-inst -n to reset to nvidia open source drivers.

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Problem exist.
jou.odt (365.7 KB)

still xorg core dumps on you also now running nouveau drivers… must be something else screwed and without knowing what exatly you see on booting i can not help much…

How can I show you that?

you can write what exactly happens i have no connection to what you see or what happen when you boot up…