Boot stuck at [ok] Reached target Graphical Interface

I’m a complete newbie, only installed Endeavour about 2 weeks ago, been a smooth journey so far.

I tried setting up Davinci Resolve today and in the process installed the cuda package, which I suspect might have been the reason for this, since it was the last thing I did before it broke (I rebooted my laptop several times in the process of setting up DR, there were no issues prior to it).

I tried following the other guides, changed nvidia- to nvidia-dkms and back several times, ran pacman -Syu but nothing fixes the issue.

Since its a pretty fresh install i don’t have anything critical there so I dont mind reinstalling the OS altogether, but I’d rather avoid that.
Thanks in advance!

I do not use nvidia, but have you tried removing the cuda package and rebooting?

yeah, I tried a couple more methods including deleting that package but nothing works, ended up just reinstalling.

Hope you tried another kernel before reinstalling.

I just had the same issue (Stuck on the same line) this morning on Intel GPU graphics. First boot after a kernel update last night. It did boot on the backup kernel setting. After that no further problems on the most recent kernel. (There was an Gnome extension that needed updating, I doubt that was the cause.) After a thorough backup, I switched to the LTS kernel because my 12-year-old Sandy Bridge Pentium hardly needs the latest and greatest.