Boot non available after update

after install without issues I had a matter( conflict with jack 2 ) and I cleared it with the forum ; then I decided to update through the menu and now I can’t restart as have a message " boot/initramfs-linux.img not available "… then I am totally stopped , any idea , except reinstall ?
Note : distro Atlantis Neo-21-5 get from distrowatch and installed one week ago in virtualbox hosted by Mx21.

Could you explain “update through the menu”?

EDIT: You probably mean the update button in Welcome, I forgot about that one.

Just a question: You installed Atlantis neo a week ago and didn’t update after install. Was this an online or offline install?

Update with welcome menu
Installation offline

Try the following and see if it will work:

  • Boot up your VM from the ISO (not the disk)

  • Chroot into your installed system.

  • Run:

    1. pacman -Syu
    2. mkinitcpio -P
    3. exit
  • Shut down the VM.

  • Remove the ISO and boot from the virtual disk.

PS. Post any and all possible error messages on the forum.

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I reinstalled

and … any special reason to not use the latest ISO release?