Boot Issues on Multiboot System

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T430 with 4 OS partitions. I’ve had trouble with other Arch distros playing nicely with my other boots (all Linux, no Windoze), but I didn’t have that issue with Endeavour OS. I did, however, have an issue – At boot time, I have two choices for Endeavour OS and many, many choices for each of my other OSes. Sure beats having none (like Manjaro did me). How can I edit this? I’m fairly certain you don’t have Grub Customizer available. I can provide a picture from my phone if you like – PrtSc doesn’t work during boot.

For the record, there are:

2 Endeavour OS lines
13 Linux Mint lines
7 Bodhi (listed as Ubuntu 18.04.3) lines
14 Pearl Desktop 8 lines (surprising NOT listed as Ubuntu 19.04.3 even though it is)
1 memtest86+ line

There is nothing on each line to indicate differentiation (i.e., all the Linux Mint lines just say “Linux Mint (on /dev/sda2)” and no more).

I have only had one other issue to date, and that deserves its own event.

@zaivala Welcome. You are able to install grub-customizer using pacman.
sudo pacman -S grub-customizer

Hello und welcome to the endeavouros community, zaivala.

Thank you everyone! I look forward to using Grub Customizer here, it will clean my boot up enormously.

I am amazed by the Grub menus on some distros, this one isn’t one of them. I think the prettiest one was OpenMandriva 3 (haven’t managed to get 4 to run on my machines yet).