Boot and shut down boot and shut down

i gone to the suspend mode. the system hang. i do power off. this endeavouros do not boot. he goes to the bios directly. i choose all uefi and other endeavouros hdd. but he try boot and shut down. boot and shut down. sometimes in the bios mode.

Have you recently updated your computer? It could be this problem:

Its look like the grub-Bug. See here how to fix it.

i dont know. maybe. what can i do.

i install it new. it is easier for me. will it be happen again?

You could follow the instructions in that topic.

Hopefully not… Make sure you have all your data backed up.

Also, I’m guessing that English is not your first language? Which is your main language - there may be others here who can communicate with you better than me?

EDIT: from your other posts I’m guessing German. There are other Deutschsprachige here.

i am german. can i install over the installed system? are all settings and installed apps away?

Not fully sure what you mean by that.

EDIT: I see that help has arrived below.

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if you reinstall and update your system, then exactly the same can happen. unless you don’t update grub.

use the following command to update your system, without updating grub

yay -Syu --ignore=grub

or see how to set it up in pacman.conf in the following links.

The problem with these solutions is that you only postpone it instead of solving it. eventually you need to update grub. the better solution would be to chroot into your system as recommended in other posts and the problem is then solved.



ok. ignoire es dann. wird es kein sicherheits update geben?

sent you a private message in german.

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