Bluetoothctl and what's 'Bluemoon'?

I’m not really facing a problem, I’m more so searching for some information because I haven’t been able to find much. In eos, bluetoothctl is installed by default and that’s what I use to connect my headsets. I’ve noticed that bluez-util (a common package for bluetooth) isn’t installed on my system. I only say that’s a common one because that’s what the archwiki says to install. It seems that instead of bluez, I have this package called bluemoon. At least I’d assume that’s what bluetoothctl is apart of because you can’t just install and uninstall bluetoothctl, right? I’ve never heard of bluemoon but from the little info I’ve found it’s a configuration utility and it’s main purpose isn’t even bluetooth. It has options to load/check firmware, a cold boot controller and a few other things. One being the ability to set a bluetooth address. I’d much rather have bluez-util but I can’t even uninstall bluemoon.

sudo pacman -R bluemoon


doesn’t do anything. There is also a binary at /usr/bin/bluemoon that is under root. How would I get rid of this and use bluez-utl instead? I know I could install bluez-util in tandom but that’s not really the point. I just don’t like such an obscure binary having root access. The only thing I’ve found on it is from some Ubuntu manpages

So, for real how I can I get rid of this? Would just signing into root and deleting that file be okay? Just seems like it could mess some stuff up.

I’d appreciate any help or any more information on the matter! Thanks in advance.

bluemoon is not a package but a binary provided by bluez-utils:

$ pacman -Qo /usr/bin/bluemoon 
/usr/bin/bluemoon is owned by bluez-utils 5.66-1

That’s why

 bluemoon --help
bluemoon - Bluemoon configuration utility
	bluemoon [options]
	-A, --bdaddr [addr]    Set Bluetooth address
	-F, --firmware [file]  Load firmware
	-C, --check <file>     Check firmware image
	-R, --reset            Reset controller
	-B, --coldboot         Cold boot controller
	-E, --exception        Trigger exception
	-i, --index <num>      Use specified controller
	-h, --help             Show help options

bluez-utils is included in the eos-base-group so it should be installed by default on all newer installs.

However if I remember correctly, no bluetooth packages was installed previously before they got included. Don’t remember when that happened.

Also, since you have bluemoon and bluetoothctl, then bluez-utils must be installed on your system as they are both provided by this package.

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Okay, that makes a lot of sense actually. I just can’t find anything about bluez-util on my system that’s why I thought that it was something entirely different.

There is a typo: bluez-utils :white_check_mark:

Query pacman:

pacman -Qi bluez-utils